ghv's sustainability

A green heart

The sustainable hotel in Vicenza is GHV Hotel & Spa

a daily commitment

Our commitment to the environment

GHV is the sustainable hotel in Vicenza. Green is not only our color, it is also our goal. In addition to a reminder of the nature that surrounds the hotel, from the Creazzo Hills to the garden and nearby golf courses, it is a symbol of our commitment to more sustainable and environmentally friendly hospitality.

“Green Energy”

From April 2023, we will use cleaner energy thanks to the photovoltaic system installed on the roof. Consisting of 260 modules, it has a total capacity of 106 kWp and produces about 116 thousand kWh annually. Through this investment, we reduce energy use from traditional sources and thus reduce emissions. The annual output of our plant has as its carbon dioxide equivalents the CO2 absorbed by 41 hectares of forests, or a forest area as large as 57 soccer fields, or to the greenhouse gas emissions avoided by 18 vehicles driven for a year, or to how much CO2 absorbed by 1,377 trees in 10 years.

The difference is also in the little things.

In line with our mission, we have also taken other small steps to green our sustainable hotel in Vicenza.

Reducing water consumption:

  • Treatment and reuse of water from swimming pools and fountains
  • Garden irrigation using a rainwater recovery tank
  • Sinks and bidets with flow economizers and dual flush toilets

Reduction of energy consumption:

  • Use of LED bulbs where possible
  • Corridor lights operated by motion sensors to reduce their illumination
  • Double-glazed windows for better insulation

Eco-friendly services:

  • Installation of charging stations for electric cars
  • On-site bicycle fleet (2024) available to guests to reduce car use
  • Reducing the use of plastic bottles and single-use plastics by favoring biodegradable materials or glass
  • Use of refillable soap dispensers in rooms
  • Sensitization of our guests to the continued use of sheets and towels

Your sustainable hotel in Vicenza is waiting for you!