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30 min - € 45 | 50 min - € 65

Soothing and relaxing massage with aromatherapy for deep relaxation of body and mind through a combination of massage techniques and the use of perfumed essential oils.

About you Popular
50 min - € 70 | 75 min - € 110

A bespoke treatment responding to your specific needs to relieve physical ailments and balance body and mind.

Deep tissue massage
30 min - € 65

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE A massage aimed at specific areas of the body to relieve tension, release muscle tightness and relieve any pain or discomfort.

Posture massage
60 min - € 75

POSTURE MASSAGE This type of massage combines the stretching and lengthening of the muscles with specific manipulations for the purpose of realigning postural defects and relieving tightness, breathing issues, motor fatigue and slowing of the lymphatic-circulatory system.

Sports Massage
30 min - € 40 | 50 min - € 65

Technique that can be adapted to the specific needs of the individual.

Lymphatic drainage massage
30 min - € 40 | 50 min - € 65

Specific slow and non-invasive manipulations to restore the proper functioning of the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Suitable for those suffering from fluid retention and slowing of the blood circulation, capillary fragility and heavy legs, and can be used as a complementary treatment in cellulite management.

Mama - Pregnancy massage
50 min - € 65

This is a therapeutic massage that concentrates on the needs of pregnant women, offering relief from physical discomfort, such as muscle tension and swelling, and stress.

Candle massage
50 min - € 70

High-quality vegetable butters combined with aromatherapy fragrances provide deep nourishment to the skin and involve all the senses for a deep state of relaxation.

Couples massage
50 min - € 140

This type of massage offers you an intimate and relaxing experience with your partner: an opportunity to share a special moment together.

Bamboo massage
50 min - € 70

The bamboo massage has its origins in Asia and is a deep massage designed to balance, calm and energize the individual both mentally and spiritually.

Hot stone therapy Best Choice
50 min - € 75 | 75 min - € 115

An ancient technique that brings significant physical, mental and emotional benefits. The heat of the basalt stones acts deeply, with effects on the musculoskeletal system (muscle tightness, early-stage arthritis and rheumatism, joint pain) and on the nervous system, and therefore on mood and general well-being.


Ayurvedic massage has its origins in the ancient Indian medical tradition of Ayurveda. This type of massage aims to restore balance between body, mind and spirit, according to Ayurveda principles, working on the three doshas: the three vital energies that determine not only the physiological functions of the body, but also mental activity and human behavior.

Sarvanga Abhyanga
60 min - € 90 | 90 min - € 130

Full body massage

Thanda Abhyanga
40 min - € 60

Back massage

Greeva Abhyanga
40 min - € 60

Neck and shoulder massage

ShiroMukha Abhyanga
40 min - € 65

Head and face massage

Pada Abhyanga
30 min - € 50

Foot massage

Basta Abhyanga
30 min - € 50

Hand massage


Appointments & Cancellations

Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the appointment time. If you arrive late, the duration of the session may be shortened due to the need to respect subsequent appointments.

Cancellation is free up to 4 hours before the appointment. If you cancel less than 4 hours before the appointment, you will be charged the full price of the service.